Signature Concerts

All these concert themes can be incorporated into corporate fundraising concerts or corporate dinners. Wherever appropriate, we could customize and improvise based on Client’s requirements.

Pop Pop Music, one of the coolest music labels in Malaysia, is embarking on a Chinese Oldies Revival (CORE) concert series. All the concerts are based on the main theme of reviving Chinese oldies with Jazz and Bossa Nova flavors. It aims to bring back nostalgia of yesteryear, completely revitalized with modern flavors. Repertoire would include evergreens from Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang, Li Xiang Lan, Teresa Teng,Cai Qin, Liu Jia Chang and Li Zong Sheng, among others.

The three installments of Chinese Oldies Revival concert series are: “In The Mood For Love”, “The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng” and “When Liu Jia Chang meets Li Zong Sheng”.

由 Pop Pop Music 所呈獻的 “舊曲新唱” 音樂饗宴是一個獨樹一格的演唱會系列. 在一片中文懷舊復興熱潮當中, 舊曲新唱似是一股銳不可擋的風潮. Pop Pop Music 肩負著提倡好音樂, 好品質, 好聲音的前提下, 引領大馬越來越多喜愛舊曲新唱的音樂發燒友, 從中領略不同年代, 不同歲月面貌的經典名曲.

“舊曲新唱” 音樂會的靈魂就是以動人的爵士樂 (Jazz) 再配合慵懶甜美, 浪漫性感的巴莎諾瓦 (Bossa Nova), 獻給觀眾無法言喻的喜悅以及中西混合口味的驚喜, 帶領觀眾進入讓人難以忘懷的時光遂道.

“舊曲新唱” 音樂會的三部曲是:《花樣年華》, 《靡靡之音》和《街燈下的寂寞難耐》


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