What are our selection criteria when we select an artiste to work with us?

First, he or she has to be the best, or one of the best in her chosen field, such as vocals, guitar, piano, etc , etc.  If he or she is not, then he/she has to be a totally unique talent or one who possesses skills that are unique and hard to find in market, like making the audience smile warmly when he/she appears on stage.

What do we look for in a vocalist, whether a male or female? He/She has to possess a beautiful tonality, a voice like no others, a voice that sounds good whether in live or in the recording studio. To us, a good tone is like fine wine, and it comes before singing techniques and emotional delivery.  He/She has to be a performer, and not merely a singer.

All of our vocalists in pop pop music have more than 10 years of singing experience .  They are equally at ease in a function room of 100 people or a stadium with 10,000 capacity. They are groomed that way.

We have some of the best musicians in Malaysia. Our most popular singer, Winnie Ho, is the Astro Champion and she is considered one of the Best Chinese Jazz Songbirds in Malaysia. Our Music Director, Tay Cher Siang, is a household name in the Jazz scene. He is now the most sought-after Music Director-cum-Pianist in Malaysia, whereas Roger Wang is the famous celebrity finger-styled guitarist from Sabah.




pop pop music旗下的艺人全都有超过10年的歌唱经验。无论是在一个百人宴会厅,或是能容下一万人的体育馆,他们都能自如表演。那是他们多年来训练有素所得。

我们旗下的艺人与音乐人,都是马来西亚顶尖级乐手。当中最受欢迎的,非何芸妮莫属。她是Astro新秀冠军歌手,并被公认为马来西其中一个最出色的中文爵 士 女歌手。我们的音乐总监,郑泽相是爵士乐界里家喻户晓的人物。他是当今大马炙手可热的音乐总监兼钢琴手。而我们的另一位乐手,来自沙巴的Roger Wang,则是弹奏指法出神入化的天王级吉他手。

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