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We produce and promote a brand of music called the “Lifestyle” music. It is mostly soothing, refined, classy, acoustic-based and has great sound quality. Whether it is a vocal with just a guitar, a jazz trio or a vocal harmony group, our music is always refreshing and tasteful, and its recording is audiophile-approved. The music is essentially Pop-Jazz but always with Pop sensibility.

In the age of rampant downloads and piracy that is killing the global music industry, pop pop music’s existence is prompted by the desire to create good music that caters to a refined and mature class of music lovers who are still willing to buy physical CDs. With excellent sound quality, good music will shine even more and that’s the premise of pop pop music and that’s what attracts this group of discerning music lovers.

Malaysian artistes currently collaborating with our label include: Roger Wang, Tay Cher Siang, Winnie Ho, Z Yan, Lydia Chew and The Solianos. We have a couple of best-sellers in 2V1G, JZ8, Brasileiro Z Yan and Winnie Ho “The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng”.

pop pop music 是一個馬來西亞的品味音樂品牌兼娛樂公司.[/heading] 
我們強調的是有品味, 富音樂性和錄音卓越的音樂. 無論它是一把吉他, 一把聲音, 或是爵士三重奏, 更或者是人聲五重唱, 我們都有獨一無二的音樂品味, 原汁原味的發燒級錄音. 我們標榜的是:《只要創意, 不要模仿》。 這種品味音樂代表著一種優質的生活方式。

在這個不需多說的年代,pop pop music 的使命就是要把好音樂兼好錄音呈現給還在買實體光碟的樂迷。好的音樂加上好的錄音就錦上添花,這批樂迷就是給這優良質感而吸引。 

喜歡我們音樂的人也喜歡 Norah Jones,  Zee Avi, Joanna Wang, Michael Buble, Stacey Kent,  Emi Fujita, 蔡琴, Tuck and Patti 還有很多類似的優質音樂品種。

我們的旗下的藝人都是馬來西亞首屈一指的音樂人. 他們包括了 Roger Wang, 鄭澤相, 何蕓妮, 欣彥, 周翠玲  和 The Solianos. 
其中 2V1G, JZ8《爵士八号》,欣彥《芭莎公主》, 何芸妮《靡靡之音》已是暢銷專輯。

pop pop music: 在浮躁的時代作最真的音樂.

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