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“Once in a while, you need a paradigm shift, even in music and corporate entertainment”

pop pop music, who started out as a niche music label in 2008 with shockingly unconventional albums but yet amazing sales, has progressed rapidly into a corporate entertainment provider with a uniquely different  approach, positioning and offerings.

In the short 2 years since we transformed ourselves into a corporate entertainment player, we have done 10 Full-House “Chinese Oldies Revival” concerts, 6 of which were sponsored charity fundraising concerts by major corporations like Andaman Property Development Sdn Bhd and Faithview Development Sdn Bhd.  They chose us because we are different, for all the good reasons. For example, our Teresa Teng interpretations  are fresh, original and exciting to the jaded ears.

Our music repertoire (predominantly  in  Chinese and English classics ) can be tailored to meet the needs of specific  occasions such as special corporate events, product launches, charity events, festive celebrations and private functions such as wedding banquets and birthday celebrations.

We have some of the best musicians in Malaysia. Our music director, Tay Cher Siang, is a household name in the Jazz scene. He is now the most sought-after Music Director-cum-Pianist in Malaysia, whereas Roger Wang is the famous celebrity finger-styled guitarist from Sabah.

12 successfully albums and 10 full-house concerts have helped to cement pop pop music as a quality music maker and propel pop pop music to the forefront of corporate entertainment.  It is no fluke, believe us.

Why pop pop music is different?

  • Fast rising music-cum-event company in Malaysia
  • Our ideas and themes are original and refreshing, not the run-of-the-mills, ME-too offerings
  • The only music label with its event company (translated into “No Middle-Man” or “No Agent’s Double -Markup” because we deal direct with the singers/musicians)
  • We have our pool of recording artistes with their album successful albums and that alone separates them from many lounge or wedding singers
  • Our singers are multi-lingual. Apart from their good voices, they are chosen to appeal to different crowd, age group and demographics






pop pop music 2008年成立至今,主要是经营非传统、有素质、有口碑的音乐产品。令人意想不到的是,乐迷以令人惊叹的专辑销量,印证了我们的信念——素质就是音乐的真 谛。我们也因此得到商务表演场合的邀约,开始为传统的表演形式注入新鲜的元素,给其立下全新的定位。

在经营商务娱乐表演的这两年里,我们办了10场座无虚席的中文经典《旧曲新唱》音乐会,当中有6场演出是慈善演出,都由商界巨头盛情赞助;包括 Andaman Property Development Sdn Bhd与Faithview Developments Sdn Bhd.  我们的独特风格,在他们心中留下了极好的印象。如我们在重新演绎邓丽君的经典歌曲时,形势耳目一新、保持原创精神的同时,总能让人为之兴奋;绝对是听觉 上的享受。


我们旗下的艺人与音乐人,都是马来西亚顶尖级乐手。我们的音乐总监——郑泽相,是爵士乐界里家喻户晓的人物。他是当今大马炙手可热的音乐总监兼钢琴手。而我们的另一位乐手,来自沙巴的Roger Wang,则是弹奏指法出神入化的天王级吉他手。

12张口碑佳销量好的专辑、10场爆满的满堂红音乐会,pop pop music 奠下了生产优质音乐的基石,并继而成为商务演出界的佼佼者。请相信我们,这一切,凭的都是真材实料。

为何Pop Pop Music会不一样?

  • 大马迅速成长的唱片兼娛樂公司
  • 我们的概念与主题讲究的是原创与新意,绝非跟风的凑热闹点子。
  • 唯一一个唱片与活动策划公司为一体的组织,因而免了歌手音乐人莫须有的中介费用。
  • 我们旗下的艺人都是發片歌手, 都有很亮眼的唱片成绩,这就足以让我们与一般商务表演艺人与歌手划分。
  • 我们的艺人都掌握多语的沟通能力。除了好声音,他们与任何年龄层的观众都有很好的互动。


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